Current Affairs and Media

Axess magasin (Axess Magazine) and Axess TV  were initiated in 2002 and 2006 respectively. As early as 2001-2005, however, a significant number of Axess series and individual features were produced and broadcast on TV8. One of these was “Global Axess”, first broadcast in connection with a seminar held at the Stockholm School of Economics when Axess magasin was launched.

Both the TV channel and the magazine focus on the social sciences and humanities, aiming to promote informed public debate where researchers can make themselves heard, and make new and old knowledge accessible to a wider audience. Axess asserts the freedom and integrity of knowledge-seeking, and opposes the politicisation of scientific knowledge. Key tasks are to follow international debate and to ensure that new and valuable insights and works are acknowledged also in Sweden.

Axess organizes smaller seminars, often in relation to themes or main articles in the magazine. These seminars are documented and made accessible on the website and on Axess TV, which also broadcasts seminars organized by the Foundation.

In 2018 a project on modern international ideologies was be initiated.