Engelsberg Academy 

The Engelsberg Academy consists of nine members. It was established in 2012 and holds up to six meetings a year, usually at Engelsberg Manor. The members’ address at the meetings is published in a yearbook.  The Academy nominates candidates for, and selects the winner of, the Award for Specialist Literature.

Each year, the Foundation presents the Award of 125,000 SEK for Specialist Literature to a recipient considered worthy of the distinction, given there is one. The Award is presented to one or more living persons who have written the specialist book of the year according to the motto of Forum Axess, “Science, erudition, tradition”.

The purpose is to support authorships characterised by outstanding essays in the humanities, with an emphasis on science, erudition and tradition of the highest stylistic and professional quality, promoting a narrative, erudite and eloquent tradition in the humanities in Sweden.