Engelsberg Seminars

The Engelsberg Seminar was established in 1999 at Engelsberg Ironworks in Västmanland. It is held annually during three days in June. The Seminar addresses current issues from the dual perspectives of history and the future. The past is also highlighted from a contemporary horizon, with a view to the future. The themes that are discussed are treated from historical, philosophical and existential angles.

At the 2016 Seminar, Elisabeth Kendall talked on “The Geopolitics of Jihad: From Global to Local”.

One of the objectives is to introduce international research and approaches from the humanities and social sciences in Sweden.  At the Engelsberg Seminar, international researchers and intellectuals meet a Swedish audience of researchers, journalists, politicians and representatives of the industrial and business community. A further objective is to create a civilised forum for encounters between leading researchers and intellectuals from widely different disciplines and camps, where they can discuss problems and issues to which there may be no simple or obvious solution.

In 2015, Jessica Stern from Harvard University talked on the topic of “What Can We Do to Stop ISIS?”

An underlying theme at the Engelsberg Seminar is to understand Sweden’s role in the world. This was addressed directly in 1999 in the seminar “Den svenska framgångssagan (The Swedish success story), which has been followed up by the independent series “Images of Sweden”. Another underlying theme is the future of the West and Modernity, addressed in “Cosmopolitanism” (2005), “What is the West” (2007), “The Idea of America” (2009), and “Europe” (2012).

The Seminars were documented by Axess TV, and the speakers were interviewed in the series Global Axess, broadcast regularly since 2002. The lectures are published annually in an anthology in the Engelsberg Seminar series.

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