The Foundation initiates its own research projects and does not accept applications. However, proposals in the form of project drafts may be submitted and will be reviewed by up to three independent experts.

If a project draft is deemed to be relevant for the Foundation’s objectives and priority areas, and is recommended by the reviewers, the Foundation may invite the researcher to submit a funding application. A decision on whether to approve funding for a project is normally made by the Foundation’s directors at the annual board meeting in November each year.

Project description

The project description should be no longer than six pages in double spacing. It should contain a description of current research; the lack of research which the project aims to address or revise; based on recent source material, the potential results that the research project may generate; also, the publisher that will publish the research as a book. Moreover, three references should be provided, along with a personal covering letter and CV.

Please note that the Foundation does not fund the production of periodicals, books or theses, nor does it fund translations of existing books or theses.

The Foundation only publishes periodicals, books or theses for its own projects.

The Foundation does not support seminars and conferences, nor does it support participation in specific seminars and conferences.

Project descriptions should be submitted in seven (7) hard copies (on paper) and one (1) digital copy to