The Empires project aims to bring academics together to explore and discuss various phases of empires. How do they arise? How do they fall? Four seminars have been held to date.

The first, Decadence, took place at Cambridge University on 30 September, 2014. Decadence is often associated with moral and cultural decline, and what could be perceived as the dissolution of the traditions underpinning society. The seminar examined how decadence has also been used as a form of resistance against stagnation.

The second seminar, Decay, was held in February 2015 at Harvard. The invited researchers discussed different aspects of the process of decay and decline in empires historically.

The third seminar, The Decline of Rome, took place in March 2016 at the Swedish Institute in Rome. Three researchers from Oxford University, King’s College London, and Sydney University respectively, discussed theories on the decline of the Roman Empire.

The fourth seminar, Declinism, was held in December 2016 at Engelsberg Manor in Västmanland. International researchers discussed and compared the gradual decline and dissolution of empires.