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Big Picture 2023 - Engelsbergs bruk

At this year’s Big Picture seminar at Engelsberg bruk, experts gathered to discuss the global situation. The focus was on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and its consequences, including shifting geopolitical dynamics and economic uncertainty. Seminar participants also reflected on upcoming pivotal elections in the USA and India, as well as the challenges posed by accelerating artificial intelligence.


Katarina Barrling

Associate Professor in Political Science at Uppsala University

Katja Creutz

Program Director, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki

Magnus Henrekson

Professor, former CEO, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

PJ Anders Linder

CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Axess Publishing

Lina Lund

Political Reporter, former Berlin Correspondent, Dagens Nyheter

Fredrik Löjdquist

Ambassador, Head of the Center for Eastern European Studies, UI (Utrikespolitiska institutet)

PM Nilsson

Political Editor, Dagens industri

Joakim Paasikivi

Lieutenant Colonel, Swedish Defence University

Peter Santesson

Ph.D. in Political Science, CEO of Infostat

Ola Wong

Culture Editor at Kvartal, author, and China expert