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The foundation initiates its own research projects and does not accept applications. However, the foundation does accept proposals, when appropriate, in the form of project descriptions that are reviewed by up to three independent experts.

If a project proposal falls within the scope of the foundation’s objectives and priority areas, and is recommended by the reviewers, the foundation may encourage the researcher to apply for funding from the foundation. The foundation’s Board of Directors then normally makes a decision on any funding at the Board meeting held annually in November.

Project description

Project descriptions submitted must be no more than six pages of double spaced text. They should contain a description of current research, the research gap that the project aims to address, and the potential results that the research project may generate. In addition, three references should be provided, along with a personal covering letter and CV.

Please note that the foundation does not provide funding to aid in the production of the periodicals, books or doctoral theses of others, nor does it provide funding for the translation of existing books or doctoral theses.

Nor does the foundation serve as a publisher for the periodicals, books or doctoral theses of others.

The foundation does not provide funding for seminars or conferences, nor for any specific participation in seminars or conferences.

Project descriptions should be submitted to


The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit is a private foundation with the primary purpose of promoting scientific and scholarly research.


The Ax:son Johnson family, for which the foundation is named, has a long history of philanthropy.


The foundation is operational and supports research and education, arranges seminars and runs publicistic initiatives.