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Deviant: Heresy in the world's most Protestant country?

Through historical and contemporary examples, deviant behaviors and society’s perception of them were examined, with connections to Sweden’s Lutheran heritage and its relationship between state and church.

The seminar explored today’s contemporary debate on diversity and tolerance in Sweden. Despite the country’s portrayal as individualistic and tolerant, the seminar highlighted the paradox of a public discourse displaying significant conformist traits. Participants discussed deviant behaviors and mindsets, providing historical and contemporary examples of individuals who defied societal norms. The seminar also delved into Sweden’s perspective on deviance, drawing connections to the country’s Lutheran heritage and the historical intertwining of state and church. Discussions touched on the concept of ‘state Lutheranism’ and drew parallels between how the secular society treats deviants and how the church dealt with heretics in older Christian times. Participants offered insightful perspectives on the topic, spanning various aspects of society and culture, from historical references to modern controversies in the world of culture and media.


Katarina Barrling

Docent in Urban Studies

Magnus Florin


Christian Abrahamsson

Ph.D. in Cultural Geography and Write

Torsten Pettersson

Professor of Literary Studies

Nathan Shachar


Lars Trägårdh

Professor of History, Uppsala University

Torbjörn Elensky


Håkan Lindgren

Freelance Writer

Gunilla Kindstrand


Björn Meidal

Professor Emeritus of Literary Studies