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Roundtable on Religion

Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation organises a series Roundtables on Religion with a group of scholars from History of Religions, Theology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Anthropology to reflect on questions pertaining to the revitalisation of the discipline of History of Religions.

February’s Roundtable on Religion at Halewell was dedicated to discussing the religious idea and phenomenon of Theurgy, from the neoplatonic origins of theurgy and its different expression during Late Antiquity; the understanding and development of the idea during the Renaissance, and also brought in contemporary views.

Moderated by Louise Belfrage.

Participating scholars

Jessica Frazier

Dr., Oxford University

David Thurfjell

Professor, Södertörn University

George Pattison

Professor Emeritus, Glasgow University

Gregory Shaw

Professor, Stonehill College, Boston

Douglas Hedley

Professor, Cambridge University

Youval Rotman

Professor, Tel Aviv University

Charles Stang

Professor, Harvard Divinity School

Boaz Huss

Professor, Ben Gurion University

Merlin Cox

Dr., Warburg Institute

Henrik Bogdan

Professor, Gothenburg University

Malise Ruthven

Dr., Cambridge University