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The Ideology Project

For several decades following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the great battle of ideas was considered to be a thing of the past. A combination of democracy, market economy, public welfare, greater supranationalism and increasingly open borders – what one could call the ideas of 1989 – were thought to be unthreatened. That is no longer the case.

Instead the ideas of 1989 have encountered growing resistance. Radicalism and populism on the left and right, authoritarian state capitalism, political Islam and mythic nationalism are some of the isms that present a challenge. In light of this, the foundation is running a project about the ideologies of our era, which has given rise to, among other things, the anthologies The Chinese Idea (2019), The Ideas of Populism (2019), The Ideas of the West (2020), In the Era of Conservatisms (2020), The Ideas of Liberalism (2020) and The US of Ideas (2020).