After 68

The research project “The legacy of 1968” consists of a team of nine participants led by research supervisors Lennart Berntson and Svante Nordin. The project encompasses a number of special studies highlighting how the ideas and individuals of 1968 influenced the political debate and social institutions in Sweden, such as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, schools and the Church. The participants have convened regularly over a period of three years for a series of seminars at the Engelsberg Manor, and several books have been published.

Published titles from the research project “The legacy of 1968”

Lennart Berntson & Svante Nordin (eds):
Arvet efter 1968. Studier kring ett problemområde [The legacy of 1968. Studies of a problem area]
(The Axel och Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation 2013)

Inger Enkvist: 
De svenska skolreformerna 1962–1985 och personerna bakom dem [The Swedish education reforms 1962-1985 and the individuals behind them]

(Gidlunds, 2016)

Johan Sundeen: 
68-kyrkan. Svensk kristen vänsters möten med marxismen 1965–1989 [The Church of 1968. The meetings of the Swedish Christian left with Marxism, 1965-1989]

(Bladh by Bladh 2017)

David Andersson: 
Med skuldkänslan som drivkraft. Om svenska Israelvänner och västfiender [Driven by guilt. About Swedish friends of Israel and enemies of the West]

(Timbro 2017)