A New Master Plan for Avesta

As a means of assisting small municipalities with limited budgets, the Foundation has previously donated visionary local development plans (LDPs) to the municipalities of Upplands Väsby and Nynäshamn. A similar scheme is currently under way to give Avesta a new LDP, with researchers from Spacescape and Foundation staff working alongside with municipal officers.

Spacescape is a research-based consulting company in urban analysis and strategic urban design. It was originally part of a research team at the School of Architecture at KTH. Spacescape applies research-based analytical tools to understand and describe urban environments and the impact of LDPs on urban life and functionality. The LDP for Avesta is based on a thorough analysis of the town structure, the connectivity of the street system (space syntax), densities, activity clusters, and observations of pedestrian and bicycle flows, visits and town life. Based on these analyses, strategies and an LDP can finally be developed in dialogue with the municipality, its inhabitants and other parties involved. The web tool applied by Spacescape for user dialogue has also been researched and published in scientific media.