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The Engelsberg seminar


The annual Engelsberg Seminar is a Swedish institution with international hallmarks. Since 1999, the foundation has brought together world-leading scholars and thinkers to discuss history, the age we live in and the future.

2017: Nation, State and Empire

With the end of the Cold War and the triumph of globalisation, many believed that nationalism was a thing of the past: instead, the opposite is true. Today, we can see nationalism spreading across the world, as populistic and anti-democratic movements grow stronger. How can unity be achieved in a society with a diverse population?

2016: The Return of Geopolitics

It wasn’t so long ago that a notion gained currency suggesting we have reached ‘the end of history’, that humanity’s socio-cultural evolution had advanced to a point beyond which it could not develop much further. A quarter of a century later the optimism seems to have vanished. Instead, we are witnessing the return of geopolitics.