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2022: Frihet

Hur har idén om frihet utvecklats och förändrats under århundradena? Vad betyder konceptet frihet i dag och vad behöver vi göra för att behålla de friheter som generationer män och kvinnor har kämpat, och till och med dött, för?


Origins of Western Liberty

Richard Chartres: The Christian Roots of Western Notions of Freedoms

Crossbench member of the House of Lords, Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, University of Cambridge

Richard Miles: Spartacus and the Endless March of Liberty

Vice-Provost and Professor of Roman History and Archaeology, University of Sydney

Mark J. Schiefsky: Democracy and Liberty in Ancient Greece

Professor of the Classics, Harvard University, Director of Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies

Jessica Frazier: A Global History of Liberty

Dr, Lecturer in Theology and Religion, Trinity College, University of Oxford

The Quest for Liberty

Alexander Lee: Art and Liberty in Renaissance Venice

Dr, Fellow of Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, University of Warwick

Jeremy Jennings: Liberty in the Shadow of Napoleon Bonaparte

Professor of Political Theory, King’s College London, Visiting Professor, University of Buckingham

Christopher Coker: Marathon Revisited: Is Freedom in our Biological or Cultural DNA?

Professor, Director of LSE IDEAS, London School of Economics and Political Science

Margaret MacMillan: Liberty and Nationalism

Professor of History, University of Toronto and Emeritus Professor of International History, University of Oxford

Breaking Free

Marie Kawthar Daouda: Will Freedom Make us True?

Dr, French Language and Literature at Oriel College, University of Oxford

Agnès C. Poirier: Libération

Journalist, writer and broadcaster

Francis Gavin: Liberty and History – Reflections on California in the 1970s

Professor, Director, Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

Alexander McCall Smith: Being Free to Write

Writer, former Professor of Medical Law, University of Edinburgh

The Meaning of Liberty

Fraser Nelson: Ten Years on the Front Line of the Culture War

Editor of The Spectator, occasional columnist, Svenska Dagbladet

Merryn Somerset Webb: Negligence and Profusion: What Adam Smith Got Right (and Wrong) About Other People’s Money

Editor in chief of MoneyWeek Magazine, Financial Times

Kemi Badenoch: Trying to Turn the Tide

UK Minister of State, Member of Parliament, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Creating the Free World

Brendan Simms: British Freedoms, ‘German Liberty’ and ‘the Liberties of Europe’

Professor in the History of International Relations, Director of the Centre of Geopolitics, University of Cambridge

John Bew: Benevolent Hypocrisy? Making the Modern West Through Foreign Policy

Professor in History and Foreign Policy, Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Katja Hoyer: Blue Jeans and Communist Cowboys – How the West Looked From Behind the Iron Curtain

Visiting Research Fellow, King’s College London, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Global Opinions columnist, Washington Post

Peter Frankopan: Freedom: A Global, Modern Perspective

Professor of Global History, University of Oxford, Associate Director of the Silk Roads Programme, King’s College, University of Cambridge

One for All, All for One

Charly Salonius Pasternak: Finland & Sweden in NATO: Reluctant Allies or Defenders of Liberty?

Lead Researcher, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Senior Research Fellow at the institute’s Global Security Programme

Mary Sarotte: NATO and the Scandinavian Strategy

Professor, Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

Janne Haaland Matláry: NATO: The Realpolitik of Values?

Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo and the Norwegian Command and Staff College

Jonas Wikman: Strengthening the Security Situation in the Baltic Sea Region

Major General, Deputy Commander Joint Forces Command of the Swedish Armed Forces

Fighting for Freedom

Robert Johnson: Fighting Against All the Odds

Dr, Director of the Changing Character of War Centre, University of Oxford, Senior Research Fellow, Pembroke College

Iuliia Osmolovska: The Kremlin Style of Negotiations

Chairwoman, Transatlantic Dialogue Center, Executive Director, Eastern Europe Security Institute Ukraine

Alina Polyakova: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom: The Case Against a New Settlement

Dr, President and CEO, Center for European Policy Analysis

Kori Schake: Maintaining Western Leadership in a Multipolar World

Dr, Director of Foreign and Defense Policy, American Enterprise Institute

An Authoritarian World Order?

Sergey Radchenko: Our Long Game with Russia

Professor, Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

Hal Brands: What if China Wins?

Professor, Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Roel Sterckx: Liberty: A View From Ancient China

Professor of Chinese History and Civilization, University of Cambridge, Fellow of Clare College

Adrian Bradshaw: Building Western Deterrence Strategy

General Sir, KCB OBE DL, Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI, Visiting Professor, King’s College London

The Endurance of Western Values

Matthew Goodwin: The Universities and the Future of the West

Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent

Juliet Samuel: The Enemy Within

Columnist, The Telegraph

Jesse Norman: Freedom and Responsibility

Dr, Conservative Member of Parliament since 2010